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April 28, 2022. 45 min

Episode 02 of Webinar Series: How to be a data driven enterprise with AI

About the webinar series
Many business problems are not leveraging data-driven approaches and not fully utilizing intelligent automation, thus leaving value on the table and creating inefficiencies. CloudAEye is excited to announce the initiation of a webinar series that will focus on AI fundamentals and how it can revolutionize the DevOps world. This webinar series is aimed towards industry leaders and engineers who are seeking to get familiarity with AIOps and to step into the exciting world of Artificial Intelligence.

What is covered?
The webinar series covers a wide variety of topics ranging from basic ML concepts to state-of-the-art ML/DL models focusing on a large number of practical application areas. We present a combination of in-depth look into the theoretical fundamentals as well as some practical examples using notebooks. The series is organized into three main themes: 1) AI/ML fundamentals focusing on model building basics, supervised learning algorithms, feature engineering, evaluation, unsupervised learning and so on. 2) Applications of AI models in solving practical problems such as classification, recommendation, NLP, image processing, time-series data, data science/analytics and 3) Introductory concepts of MLOps and AIOps, building and maintaining industrial-scale models, DevOps challenges and how AI can help and so on.

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April 15, 2022. 32 min

Episode 01 of Webinar Series: How to be a data driven enterprise with AI