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Handle any size and complexity with automatic anomaly detection and root-cause analysis


Automated Root Cause Analysis

Never miss an anomaly with AI-powered solution that will ingest and analyze all the data automatically.
  • Intelligent Automation - Receive prompt answers for user-reported incidents through advanced root-cause analysis, complete with comprehensive context.
  • Intelligent Monitoring - Use a solution that does not require you to tune configuration and rules constantly.
  • Intelligent Alerting - Your team receives a single notification when there is an anomaly.
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Multimodal Detection

  • Analyzes all your logs, metrics, and traces data.
  • Get actionable insights without the digging.

Code & Issues

Contextualizes with historical issues (ex. Jira) and code changes (ex. GitHub). Get answers to questions such as:
  • Have we seen this issue before?
  • Is this issue caused by a recent code change?

Time Capsule

CloudAEye automatically captures all contextual information. This is helpful during investigations.
  • You can go back and replay how the incident impacted the system.

Notifications with Rich Context

Receive notifications in the five channels (Slack, SMS, Email, SNS, Webhook).
  • Notifications include rich context such as incident summary and root-cause.

Global Context

  • Automated analysis of all your deployed apps in one place


Use a conversational interface to get answers.
  • Save countless work hours by using a conversational generative AI interface to get answers, automate tasks, and to generate contents in seconds.
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Our Services

Copilot for Root Cause Analysis

Anomaly Detection

Expedite detection and troubleshooting of incidents using sophisticated AI that automatically surfaces the anomalous service(s) and provides insights and recommendations to quickly resolve the incident.

Root-cause Analysis

Speeds up incident resolution with near realtime root-cause analysis at the time of an incident. Our sophisticated models detect patterns across the distributed cloud services and applications and identifies the root-cause.

Automated Context

Get all necessary information (logs, metrics, traces, etc.) about the incident and avoid costly investigations. Save time and money and avoid data silos.

Build Your Busniess

Simplify your cloud operations by harnessing cutting-edge AI. Empower your SRE and operations teams with AI-driven solutions, including root-cause analysis specifically tailored for cloud applications.