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Experience a semantic observability solution that’s human-readable, proactive, and less noisy!

CloudAEye root-cause analysis with context

Semantic Observability

Use a solution that can provide greater insights and visualizations from the vast amount of your observability data. Imagine AI models that can detect an anomaly, contextualize it, prioritize it and generate hypothesis about it by doing a root- cause analysis. All done automatically to enable customers to test fixes as soon as the problem arises.
  • Intelligent - Understand context from data automatically (e.g., logs, metrics, traces, tickets, code changes, documentation, chats, etc.)
  • Fast - Find answers to your what/why/how questions by leveraging the latest breakthrough of AI and save valuable time
  • Conversational - Save countless SRE work hours by using a conversational generative AI interface to get answers, automate tasks, and to generate contents in seconds
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AEye Assistant (Copilot)

Get answers to critical questions!

  • Use an assistant/copilot that is built on the latest breakthrough of generative AI
  • Use a solution that can understand and respond to your questions and provide you the necessary context and root-cause analysis
  • Resolve incidents faster. Improve developer productivity by 10x and remove toil
  • Watch this video to lean more about the AEye Assistant

Log Anomaly Detection

Find the clues without digging through the logs

  • Automatic anomaly detection and root-cause indicators that saves valuable time
  • See tag cloud of emerging topics from the log messages
  • User feedback to improve model performance
  • Watch this video to lean more about how anomaly detection works

Log Insights

Get automated insights into all errors and exceptions from your logs

  • Find all exceptions in your logs with detailed analytics
  • Investigate an exception and find out how to fix it
  • Get notified when a new exception occurs or an exception appears in logs too many times
  • Watch this video to lean more about log insights

Log Patterns

Derive patterns from log messages for faster investigations

  • Group log messages based on patterns
  • Zoom into a specific pattern
  • See details of the patterns and parameter value ranges

AWS Services Integrations

Leverage out-of-the-box support for commonly used AWS services

  • Automatically collect logs and metrics from commonly used AWS services such as API Gateway, DynamoDB, SNS, SQS, Step Functions, Kinesis, RDS, ELB, etc.

Log Parsing

Transform your unstructured log data into consistent structure regardless of the source

  • Parse logs with the help of Grok parser. Grok parser comes with 120 patterns and is very powerful to parse unstructured data and make the logs searchable
  • Ability to test and refine Grok regular expressions with actual log messages
  • Add custom rules for each application

Log Storage Options

Use flexible storage options such as UltraWarm and Cold storage to manage large amount of data in a cost-effective way

  • Policy based aging - Use a policy to automatically move data from Hot to UltraWarm, Cold and eventually delete them
  • Hydrate at-will - Hydrate logs from cold storage and access them in CloudAEye console when necessary

Log Alerts

Get notified for critical events

  • Setup alerts to get notified about critical issues that require immediate attention
  • Get notification in any of the five supported channels - Slack, Email, SMS, SNS, Webhook


Manage with confidence

  • Manage access to your log data with role-based access control (RBAC)
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your data with encryption at REST and in transit
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Our Services

Built on the latest breakthrough of AI

Anomaly Detection

Expedite detection and troubleshooting of incidents using sophisticated machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL) models that automatically surfaces the anomalous service(s) and provides insights and recommendations to quickly resolve the incident.

Root-cause Analysis

Speeds up incident resolution with near realtime root-cause analysis at the time of an incident. Our sophisticated models detect patterns across the distributed cloud services and applications and identifies the root-case.

Automated Context

Get all necessary information (logs, metrics, traces, etc.) about the incident and avoid costly investigations. Save time and money and avoid data siloes.


Highly scalable service that automatically scales as your workloads grow or shrink. Out-of-the-box integration of AWS Services.

Centralized Logging

Enterprise grade and highly scalable service with multi-AZ support. Sophisticated log parsing. Highly secure with out-of-the-box integration with AWS IAM, Cognito.

Distributed Tracing

Performance and latency analysis for distributed microservices based architecture. Service dependency analysis. Automatic detection of anomalous traces.

Deliver Reliable Services

Take the stress out of your cloud operations by leveraging latest breakthrough of AI to find answers, not just data visualizations! Augment your SRE & operations teams with AI-powered solutions. Experience enterprise features, reduce your total cost of ownership with AI-powered workflows and deliver reliable services to your customers without breaking the bank.