Intelligent Cloud Operations

AI-powered observability for serverless applications. Troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly with sophisticated features such as anomaly detection, and root-cause-analysis. Save time and money with contextual awareness, end alert fatigues and remove data siloes while increasing productivity.

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The Ultimate AI Solution for Microservices

CloudAEye root-cause analysis with context

Key Features and Benefits

Manage your cloud operations and boost your team productivity with the helpful AI augmented services.

Intelligent Monitoring

Real-time insights about critical application issues without the constant tuning of configuration and rules. Setup in minutes

Logs Analysis

See AI-powered root-cause indicators from the logs automatically during an incident and avoid digging through logs

Detect & Fix Operational Issues

Automatic detection of lambda operational issues. Resolve issues quickly with ML-powered insights. See contextual information about the issue and recommendations on a possible fix

End-to-end Monitoring

AI-powered anomaly detection of distributed tracing. Avoid digging through a large number of traces during an incident

Root-cause Analysis

AI-based root-cause analysis with context to reduce MTTR. RCA removes siloes and save time and money by expediting recovery from downtime

Solution Brief

Current tools and processes aren’t ready for modern fast-paced cloud applications. Downtime and application issues translate directly into loss of revenue and adversely impact brand image. Curious if there is a better way to manage your cloud applications? Read this solution brief to learn more.

Supported AWS Services

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What Everybody is Saying

Monitoring serverless, actionable insights without the digging, root-cause indicators, fast recovery are some of the few things people are appreciative of.

Zakaria Swapan

Founder & CEO, Priyo

CloudAEye observability provided us with unparalleled visibility for our serverless functions. Onboarding took only a few minutes. The AI services were great to identify operational issues and provided timely insights. We saved valuable time with the AIOps workflow.

Satish V

VP & Head of Engineering, AgriTech Startup

I like how CloudAEye is using AI to enable faster recovery times in production. Easier on-call and happier SREs!

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