Intelligent Cloud Operations

Get freedom from downtime! Conquer any complexity with the most comprehensive AI-powered SaaS observability that works across your entire topology. Troubleshoot and resolve problems quickly for microservices, serverless applications with sophisticated artificial intelligence features such as anomaly detection, root-cause-analysis. Augment your operations team with contextual awareness, frictionless management of an incident to reduce both your MTTD (mean time to detect) and MTTR (mean time to repair).

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The Ultimate AI Solution for Distributed Cloud Application Management

Key Features and Benefits

Manage your cloud operations and boost your team productivity with the helpful AI augmented services.


Most comprehensive (logs, metrics, traces) AI-powered incident detection and actionable insights with root-cause-analysis

Reduced Noise & Alert Fatigue

Avoids dealing with large volumes of statically configured alerts that are hard to maintain and not productive to investigate during an incident


Use familiar successful technologies based on open source and open standards

Unified Analysis

Prevents silos by leveraging actionable insights from across your IT tool chains and services

Cloud Scale & Reduced Overhead

Use services at cloud scale with massive horizontal scalability without the burden of maintenance by leveraging CloudAEye Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Solution Brief

Current tools and processes aren’t ready for modern fast-paced cloud applications. Downtime and application issues translate directly into loss of revenue and adversely impact brand image. Curious if there is a better way to manage your cloud applications? Read this solution brief to learn more.

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